One of the most important problems in the power plants is to increase the thermal efficiency of the cycle. Most of the works in this area is focused on regeneration devices, removing the heat losses of components…But usually, about half of the input energy in the thermal cycle wastes in the condensers. In this day and age with greenhouse effect and global warming problem, the less environment defect is also another important subject. In this work, a new condenser is offered that is the same as a core of BWR nuclear reactors, then during the working fluid is condensing in a cycle it is a boiling generator (boiling heat exchange) for another cycle. In this way not only could change some parts of unused energy to work, but also it has more capability with environment. It is possible to design this process several times with different cycles and different working fluids to low heat wastes from condensers. Here, it is offered this idea by using the data of Catalagzi power plant in Turkey. The results confirm that the thermal efficiency increases at least %7.5. It can use this method for most of the power plants or somewhere that needed to remove some heat from a device, same as radiators of the automobiles.

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