A novel online structure damage identification using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) techniques and the perceptron backpropagation neural network is presented. There are three phases to execute this method. In Phase I, system modal information, frequencies and mode shapes, are calculated. Phase II is for damage location identification; the Residual Force Vectors (RFVs) are computed as input to the first neural network. Then the network was trained to simulate damage location identification. Phase III is the severity identification step. The PCA method is used to modify the input for the second neural network. Then this network identifies the severity. There are three advantages of using the PCA method, First, PCA method characterizes the original modal information precisely. Second, PCA method creates the unique data for different damage cases unlike other modal property based data. Third, the accuracy of the damage identification improves significantly, when compared with previously developed methods. This method can be operated online for the real time structural damage identification.

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