Interest in online turbine condition monitoring has increased among utilities in order to minimize unforeseen standstills and for better planning of overhauls or repair work. The AMODIS® (ALSTOM Monitoring and Diagnostic System) Steam Turbine Condition Monitoring system monitors steam turbines locally or remotely via long distances [1]. The system also collects all data to compare current events with past events. This monitoring system is not an expert system recommending how to solve malfunctions. It is more a system which helps operators to take measures before the standard alarm or turbine trip is activated. An interlock of the process parameters generates early warning alarms which are based on the OEM experience and help operators to get a clear picture of an arising problem and to react early enough to avoid forced outages. Additional sensors for additional process parameters have to be installed. The system is part of the AMODIS plant monitoring system and consists of six separately available modules: • Steam inlet valves: To detect increased friction in the actuator and the steam valve guide. • Jacking oil and turning gear: To detect malfunction in the jacking oil and turning gear systems. • Bearing supervision: To detect possible tilting of the bearing pedestal or abnormal oil consumption. • Thermal expansion: To detect extreme or abnormal differential expansion and to detect expansion hindrance. • Thermal efficiency: To detect loss of internal efficiency at an early stage. • Lube oil condition monitoring: To monitor the oil with an online particle counter and a sensor for content of water. All modules can be supplied separately. Modules to check vibration and performance are also available in an AMODIS system but are not covered in this paper.

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