In the past, several 300 MW steam turbine rotors were affected by vibrations, which appeared at bearing #1 during load conditions. At certain loads, vibrations of the #1 bearing increased considerably. Near full load the amplitude of vibration sometimes reduced to acceptable levels. Practically, the phenomena were partially cured by trim balancing of the HP rotor, readjusting the valve opening characteristics and by correction of the clearances in the sealing system. The results are briefly summarized. On the other hand, the simulation of the various parameters using rotordynamic codes was conducted to explain the phenomena analytically. In this part, the rotordynamic rotor model was constructed and the following simulations were carried out: rotor bearing instability, effect of the destabilizing steam forces on the rotor at the first row, effect of the seal rotordynamic forces and the valve opening sequence on the rotor stability. All results were analyzed to present general conclusions.

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