The growing share of renewable energies in the power industry coupled with increased deregulation has led to the need for additional operating flexibility of steam turbine units in both Combined Cycle and Steam Power Plants. Siemens steam turbine engineering and controls presently have several solutions to address various operating requirements: - Use of an automatic step program to perform startups allows operating comfort and repeatability. - 3 start-up modes give the operator the flexibility to start quickly to meet demand or slowly to conserve turbine life. - Several options for lifetime management are available. These options range from a basic counter of equivalent operating hours to a detailed fatigue calculation. - Restarting capabilities have been improved to allow a faster response following a trip or shutdown. - In addition to control of speed, load and pressure, special control functions provide alternative work split modes during transient conditions. - Optimum steam temperatures are calculated by the steam turbine control system to achieve optimum startup performance. - Siemens steam turbines are also capable of load rejection to house load, some even to operation at full speed, no load. Several plants are already equipped with these solutions and have provided data showing they are operating with shorter start-up times and improved load rejection capabilities. Finally Siemens of course continues to pursue future development.

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