Cimplicity is a Human-Machine interface software which acquires data from CNCs Robots and PLGs, data is then visualized on real time by an operator in a Cimplicity screen on a PC monitor. This software lets the operator perform operations, monitor and control status in a factory in an easy, natural, and intuitive way. This paper will focus on the use of Cimplicity HMI and Microsoft Excel in COMONSA, a cogeneration plant designed and installed by SEISA (International Energy Systems). The cogeneration plant is localized in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico. This plant supplies energy and, heat to a metal manufacturing factory called INMAGUSA. In this case Cimplicity acquires data from a PLC connected to two reciprocating Engines, which are responsible of supplying heat and electrical energy to the factory, and other auxiliary devices that keep the cogeneration plant running. Cimplicity transforms the data received by the PLC and then displays it on screens while it is being stored on Excel sheets in predefined time intervals. A total of 1093 variables are displayed in 70 different screens. This paper will center on the variables, screens and programs created by the authors. Screens created for the purpose of making the process of invoicing easier for SEISA, for monitoring daily kWh and monthly factory consumption. And two algorithms programmed using Microsoft Visual Basic to facilitate optimal operation of the cogeneration plant.

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