Wouldn’t it be nice to have plug and play technology for your boilers just like on your home computer? Wouldn’t it be great if this technology could give you instant and measurable reductions of 5 percent or more in fuel consumption? Well, in the modern era, this technology has arrived. A small Romanian company has developed a technology that treats combustion air that significantly increases fuel efficiency and lowers emissions on furnaces and boilers by interacting with the fuel at the combustion stage. This technology has the potential to reduce emissions of CO2 by 2–20%, NOx by 5–30%, SOx by 20–60% and emissions that negatively affect human health like acid mists (SO3), dioxins, benzenes, and VOC by as much as 90%. With over a million hours of testing on over 100 boilers and furnaces this economical technology holds great promise. The best part of the technology is that there is limited capital investment or operational costs, and use of the specialty aerosol injection will reduce wear and corrosion in your combustion box regardless of the fuel burned. It reduces costs across the board. Avogadro Environmental Corporation in Easton, PA is working with our partners, Opris Engineering and Kubik in Romania to make this technology available in the United States. The technology has a long proven record of performance and has been fully tested in the U.S. for efficiency improvements and emissions reductions. The technology has received the support of USEPA and state agencies. We are looking for plant operators interested in reducing their emissions and at the same time saving 5–25% in operating and maintenance costs. We just completed two full scale tests of the technology here in the US. The first site was a 90-day test at a 450 MMBtu/hr waste coal-fired electric utility boiler in Pennsylvania. The second site was a 60-day test at a 1,500 MMBtu/hr coal-fired electric utility boiler in the Southeast US.

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