Electric Energy Inc.’s Joppa generating station has six 181 MW coal-fired units located on the bank of the Ohio river in Massac county, Illinois. The original GE turbine-generators were installed in the early 1950’s without any fire protection for the bearings. In 1998, Securiplex watermist systems were installed on units 5 & 6 to protect the bearing areas of those turbine-generators from fires. The fire detection was done using VESDA air sampling technology. In subsequent years, Securiplex watermist – VESDA systems were installed on the remaining four units to protect the bearing areas of those turbine-generators. This paper explains the factors that went into the decision to install this type of fire suppression technology as opposed to conventional sprinkler or deluge systems. Operating and maintenance experience with the Securiplex watermist systems and the VESDA fire detection systems will be discussed with reference made to real life events.

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