The main goal of this study is to investigate the evaporation process of a coolant (water droplets) which is injected through spray nozzles mounted on a steam turbine bypass pipeline in a co-generator system. The study includes several important factors: (1) the effects of four elbows on the flow pattern and evaporation process of the water particles, (2) heat transfer that affects the steam temperature and also the evaporation rates, and (3) the effects of a perforated plate on the flow pattern and evaporation process. The investigation of the structure of liquid spray jets during the transition into the gaseous phase was accomplished by developing a physical model of a particle tracking technique to investigate evaporation processes of the liquid droplets in a highly turbulent flow. Through this research, numerous data have been acquired and analyzed for heat transfer mechanisms of the evaporation of the water droplets in the pipeline system along with the cooling of the steam flow. The results of the computations were verified by comparing them with theoretical models, and were shown to be quite reliable.

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