It is always a major endeavor and challenge to build a new combined-cycle power plant. This fact combined with having stringent reliability, availability and efficiency contractual terms necessitates a well planned, highly effective maintenance strategy. To further complicate the matter, the company was rolling out a new EAM; SAP. AES Corporation was facing exactly these issues for their new plant in Cartagena, Spain. This paper will describe the approach used by AES to develop a proactive maintenance program that integrates condition and performance information to achieve their goals. The process begins with creating a maintenance strategy using the SRCM® process. From the results of the strategy development SAP-PLM module was configured to support agreed to business process models, asset hierarchy schemes, task list, value lists and spare parts determination. The strategy developed also identified the PdM and ODR technologies to use and lead to the development of the PdM program. It also created the operator driven (ODR) tasks by specifying what equipment is to be watched by operators as part of an equipment health program. Finally, PdM, ODR and appropriate process data were linked together into a decision support system. This information combined with the plant performance information will provide AES an effective, integrated program to manage their plant and equipment. Due to the limited staff to manage the station a software tool was used to lessen the effort to understand the condition of critical equipment based on the data. A discussion of why it is necessary for new and existing plants to create a proactive maintenance program that starts with business processes followed by software and hardware including CMMS, PdM, online monitoring, electronic operator rounds and ends with the right data in these tools is presented. Without the proper data including asset register, criticality, reliability information and condition data the program will not support plant objectives and could potentially cost the company large penalties for non-performance. Examples of work products developed with work flowcharts will be provided. By actively pursing an integrated, proactive solution for the maintenance and performance programs AES will achieve their business objectives from the very beginning of plant commercialization. It will also ultimately lead to savings in not only implementing a complete maintenance program but will provide a solid foundation for managing and improving the program operation of the plant to meet and exceed contractual performance requirements.

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