A reliable and economic power production in thermal power plants depends highly upon the optimum selection of site equipment and their best possible arrangement. One of the most significant systems which play a crucial role in power production is the Cooling System. Playing the most pivotal role in back pressure of steam turbine, this system directly affects the power plant efficiency. This study analyzes the techno-economic aspect of Cooling System — with the special focus on ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) — due to the following advantages: Since ACC does not need water as the cooling medium, (not requiring medium fluid), it is been preferred over other cooling systems in dry regions. In addition to resolving the problem of water shortage in power plants, where there are environmental or geographical limitations, ACC is the best solution. The studies show that in the peak demand times, ACC has a much greater potential in higher power production in comparison to other dry cooling systems and thus can encourage the financer to consider ACC as an optimum alternative.

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