Off shore wind turbine farms are becoming more popular as the efficiency and per unit cost of the systems become more economical. Wave power generating systems have been conceptualized for centuries but only relatively recently, since the 1970’s, has private and public financial support been forthcoming to provide some model and full-scale testing. Northeastern University researchers are studying the integration of these two technologies. The objective is to reduce the combined cost per kW for the power generating system by accomplishing two distinct improvements: 1. sharing the electrical and civil engineering systems that are common to the integrated design, and 2. storing the ocean wave energy for use later when the wind energy is not sufficient to produce maximum wind turbine power. Several new concepts for wave power generation and storage are identified in the process. This paper will describe the current research at Northeastern University and the preliminary designs for the integrated wind turbine generator and wave power system using state-of-the-art wind turbines and air expander systems.

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