As an aid to the simulation of combustion in the power generation industry, a computer code has been developed using Excel/VBA to permit the rapid calculation of adiabatic flame temperatures and product species compositions for a large variety of easily specified fuel and air reactant conditions. Results are calculated immediately for the cases of “air” (with specified oxygen volume percentage) as the oxidant, with and without dissociation. Alternatively, the product temperature may be identified, and then the heat transfer in the combustor is calculated. In the general computer code developed, the very general fuel is specified by way of its C-H-O-N-S values. Additional water content may be specified. The “air” is specified by way of the volume percentage of oxygen and the other component (nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide). The temperatures of each reactant (fuel and “air”) are specified by the user. The computer code is very user friendly, with automatic nested loops for parameter variation and automatic generation of graphs, which are particularly useful in assessing the particular process under consideration.

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