Steam turbine governing system is a nonlinear system, both the oil motor and the electric-liquid converter contain the nonlinear loop, however, the control strategy of the steam turbine governing system still stay at the control with PID, but the tuner with PID based on the accurate model belongs to the linear control intrinsically, and it doesn’t adapt to the nonlinear object. Fuzzy control doesn’t need the accurate mathematical model of the object, which fit to the nonlinear system and possess a better robust performance, and its control mechanism conform to the human’s intuitivism description and thinking logic about the function of the control system. Furthermore, the control query table is available by off-line calculation, and the real-time performance is improved. Intelligent integration fuzzy control is adopted here, the fuzzy control adopted the fuzzy control algorithm of full-field with self-tuning factor, where the control regulation is illustrated by analyzing, and the expression is brevity, the algorithm is simple, prone to master and realize with computer, and has self-optimization. The integration adopt the intelligent integration control to eliminate the steady-state error and improve the accuracy of control system. The advantage of the fuzzy control and integration control is developed adequately. The simulation result enunciate that the performance of steam turbine governing system with intelligent integration fuzzy control designed here is better than witch with conventional PID control, carrying advantages such as small super-adjusting, high-speed response, short transition process time and no steady-state error and so on.

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