With wide application of large-scale turbine-generator sets, the torsional vibration of large-scale turbine-generator set has become the focus of study. Exact measurement of torsional vibration is the key. Proceeding from actual conditions of turbine-generator set, this paper has fully considered the precision of measuring and actual demand for application and developed a new intelligent measurement system of torsional vibration. This system configured two channels of measuring torsional vibration and eight A/D channels that can accept voltage or current ranged from 4 to 20mA. So the system can measure not only torsional vibration of shafts but also other state parameters, such as three-phase currents, voltages and load of set. The system consists of sub intelligent acquiring card, main PC computer and monitoring program. Data exchange between sub system and main computer is accomplished with the help of the FIFO memory. This structure enables signal acquirement and analysis to operate simultaneously and make full of the real-time monitor function of microprocessor and the rapid data processing ability of PC. Adopting 80C196KC chip with 20MHz frequency as the core and making use of HSI function, the system realizes on-line exact measurement of torsional vibration with the resolution of 0.014°. The whole signal processing is controlled by program, which improves the system’s flexibility, so that it can be used in many kinds of situations. According to the experiment result, it is proved that this system is easy in operation, steady in running and excellent in anti-interference ability.

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