The occurrence of the Fieldbus brings a revolutionary in the control field again, and the depth and scope exceed anyone historically, and introduce new era in automation. The Fieldbus control system (FCS) will have great influence in process control in the future. Though FCS is started to adopt in domestic power system, but adopt the FCS thoroughly is still not many. Normally, based on the originally control system, increase parts of control conception of FCS, and the application of combining the advanced control strategy (artificial intelligent, nerve network, expert system and so on) is fewer. This thesis intends to attempt actively and explore profitably in the development and application of the Fieldbus technology in the control of product process in the power plant. On the base of the explanation of the system and exhaust about the Fieldbus technology and the concept and principle of Fieldbus control system, I combine the tendency of the development of the thermal automation technology in power plant, use the prevalence of the Fieldbus adequately, and bring up the designing thought and scheme about the application of Foundation Fieldbus and expert system in the system of the auxiliary control in the power plant, in order to make the production and running of the power plant more convenient, more safe, more economical and more dependable. On the base of which, combining the practical project, the technology is applied in product process control of chemical examination station of the chemical water workshop in one domestic large power plant, and the level of the automation and the management is enhanced greatly. This would make great significance in theory and practical about the promotion and application of the technology of the Fieldbus and advanced control strategy in the power system especially in the power plant.

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