This paper provides comprehensive methodology on testing inlet chiller systems that are used for Gas Turbine Inlet Air Conditioning. It will serve as a guiding document for the Inlet Chiller Project Team formed by PTC 51, “Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Conditioning Equipment” for use in scripting that code’s section on Inlet Chiller Performance Testing. This paper shows the conceptual similarities that can be drawn between inlet chiller and overall plant performance testing, as well as detailing the pertinent test scopes and boundaries, identifying expected test objectives, and listing the applicable test boundary parameters to be used for correction. Addressing an industry need, this paper also offers guidance on testing these components / systems at conditions different than design. Current equipment code committees, such as ASME PTC 22 on Gas Turbines, and ASME PTC 46 on Overall Plant Performance Testing, have concluded that inlet air conditioning equipment must be out of service while testing the major plant equipment. This would require the inlet chilling system to be tested separately. This requirement dictates that a technically-sound method of inlet chiller testing be codified in a timely manner.

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