A small-scale power generation system including a process of producing low-BTU gas by gasification of wastes has been developed. This system is called as the Micro STAR-MEET. Because the size of this system is small, on-site waste treatment is possible. Wastes are continuously fed into the gasifier and, high temperature air and steam are introduced into the gasifier and reformer to gasify and reform wastes. A pilot plant was constructed in order to investigate the performance of the Micro STAR-MEET system, and experiments using wood chips and plastics as fuels were conducted. Sufficient amount of gas that has 4.0 MJ/m3N HHV was evolved so that the dual-fueled diesel engine could be driven. The main components of the evolved gas were CO and H2. In this study, the gas that could be used as a fuel for the engine was evolved constantly, which indicates that the Micro STAR-MEET system is technically feasible.

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