Pressurized Water Reactor Power Plants have at times required that large components be replaced (steam generators weighing 750,000 lbs) which have necessitated performing first time modifications to the plant that were unintended during the original design. The steam generator replacement project at Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA’s) Sequoyah Nuclear Power Station necessitated (1) two large temporary openings (21’×45’) in the plant’s Shield Building roof (2’ thick concrete) by hydro-blasting to allow the removal of the old generators and installation of the new, (2) removal and repair of the concrete steam generator enclosure roofs (20’ diameter, 3’ thick) which were removed by wire saw cutting and (3) the seismic qualification of; the design and construction of an extensive ring foundation for; the use of one of the world largest cranes to remove these components through the roof. This removal and replacement process had to be performed in an expeditious manner to minimize the amount of time the plant is shutdown so the plant could return to providing power to the grid. This paper will address some of the many technical and construction considerations required to perform this demolition and repair work safely, efficiently and in a short as possible duration.

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