This paper presents the latest information on Humid/Dry Air Injection (HAI/DAI) power augmentation technology for Combustion Turbine (CT) and Combined Cycle (CC) power plants. It describes: • The summary of the latest activities on the implementation of HAI and DAI technologies including results of the validations tests conducted on the PG7241 (FA) combustion turbine, and findings of various CT-HAI implementation projects. • The technical background including the latest CT-HAI and CT-DAI concepts resulting in the performance improvements and reduced emissions. • A novel concept for humidification of the injected air that further reduces overall capital costs by 15%. • The novel approach for the power augmentation of two-shaft small and medium capacity CTs with application of HAI and DAI technologies. Two-shaft CTs are widely used for electric power generation, including distributed generation, as well as a variable-speed mechanical driving engine including driving natural gas (NG) pipeline compressors (PC).

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