Monitoring thermal performance in the current generation of combined cycle power plants is frequently a challenge. The “lean” plant staff and organizational structure of the companies that own and operate these plants frequently does not allow the engineering resources to develop and maintain an effective program to monitor thermal performance. Additionally, in many combined cycle plants the highest priority is responding to market demands rather than maintaining peak efficiency. Finally, in many cases the plants are not designed with performance monitoring in mind, thus making it difficult to accurately measure commonly used indices of performance. This paper describes the performance monitoring program being established at a new combined cycle plant that is typical of many combined cycle plants built in the last five years. The plant is equipped with GE 7FA gas turbines and a GE reheat steam turbine. The program was implemented using a set of easy-to-use spreadsheets for the major plant components. The data for the calculation of indices of performance for the various components comes from the plant DCS system and the PI system (supplied by OSIsoft). In addition to the development of spreadsheets, testing procedures were developed to ensure consistent test results and plant personnel were trained to understand, use and maintain the spreadsheets and the information they produce.

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