Taiwan’s continuous economic growth in the past 50 years has spurred a similar growth in electricity demand. Historically the reserve margin has been less than 20 percent, although new generation is introduced every year. In the planning for new plants, consideration must be given to the location, choice of fuel, environmental impact and in a democratic society, their public acceptance. Based on projected growth demand, a decision was made in 1996 to build a 4,000 MW gas fired combined cycle power plant at the Dah Tarn location. The project has offered many opportunities to international equipment suppliers and local contractors. As a government entity, Taiwan Power Company follows the Government Procurement Law in procurement of equipment and services which is designed for open and fair competition and protection of the interests of the Owner. The uniqueness of the site and its surroundings, and the division of work between participants has presented some design and engineering problems that need to be overcome in the execution of this plant.

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