This work presents the results of a test campaign for a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) at a scale of 1:36. The floater is a Reduced-Draft-Spar platform for the DTU 10 MW reference wind turbine. A multifan system creating the equivalent aerodynamic thrust forces is used to replace the scaled physical turbine model, which is known as hybrid hardware-in-the-loop testing. The tests focus on different motion reduction techniques: an anti-heeling ballast and control system, a real-time observer, and a tuned liquid multi column damper, which are tested in a wave tank for the first time. Various tests are carried out to identify and calibrate the FOWT system. Results for regular waves, irregular waves and turbulent winds are presented in both time and frequency domain. Among the key results are the performance indicators of the motion reduction strategies. Several clear examples are provided along with a detailed analysis of the dynamic response for irregular wave conditions. The comparison of the numerically reproduced dynamic responses to the tests are presented as well, where a good agreement is found.

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