The intensive exploration of marine resources is announced by Chinese government. The abundant offshore wind energy in the water depth of 30–50 m shall be developed in the offshore regions in China during the next decades, which are also feasible areas for marine farming. In view of structural safety and economic benefits, a multi-utility offshore structure is proposed in the study with the intension of realizing the ocean resources with high quality exploration. The recommended offshore structure is consists of a jacket offshore wind turbine and a steel cage (JOWT-SC). In order to investigate the influence of the additional aquaculture cage, the finite element models of JOWT-SC is established in SACS, the hydrodynamic model of the aquaculture cage is equivalented as Morison model. The comparisons of the dynamic characteristics and structural responses with the original jacket offshore wind turbine (JOWT) are carried out. There are the remarkable discrepancies between the natural modes of JOWT-SC and JOWT due to the added aquaculture cage. Meanwhile, the remarkably increased hydrodynamic forces on JOWT-SC under wave and current loads are observed. The influence of aquaculture cage on the dynamic characteristics and hydrodynamics of JOWT-SC are discussed.

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