The FOWTs (Floating Offshore Wind Turbines) projects are spreading, especially in Europe. Some of FOWTs are doing commercial activities, on the other hand, many new concepts of FOWTs are still published in the world. This may mean that there is room for the reduction of the construction cost of the floater, therefore the development of more reasonable design of the floater would give rise to big business opportunities. These new concept of FOWTs are thought to be optimized regarding the safety and economic efficiency, but there are a few studies for the comparison in the safety, economic efficiency, and parameters which effect to them between different types of floater concepts. Therefore, authors carried out the parametric study in terms of the motion in waves and wind and construction cost for the semi-submersible type and the spar type. In this study, 2, 5, 10, 15MW wind turbines are assumed to be installed on the floater, and dimensions of the floater and an inclination angle because of the maximum thrust force are set as constraint conditions. The construction cost is estimated as a product of material weight and unit cost of material. Authors found the solution regarding the relationship between the construction cost and the performance of the FOWTs through this study. the distance between the columns and the lower pontoon breadth were effective parameters to ensure he performance in waves and to reduce the construction cost of semi-submersible floater.

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