This paper aims to analyze the feasibility of establishing a dynamic drivetrain model from condition monitoring measurements. In this study SCADA data and further sensor data is analyzed from a 1.5MW wind turbine, provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. A multibody model of the drivetrain is made and simulation based sensors are placed on bearings to look at the possibility to obtain geometrical and modal properties from simulation based vibration sensors. Results show that the axial proxy sensor did not provide any usable system information due to its application purpose. SCADA data did not meet the Nyquist frequency and cannot be used to determine geometrical or modal properties. Strain gauges on the shaft can provide the shaft rotational frequency, while torque and angular displacement sensors can provide the torsional eigenfrequency of the system. Simulation based vibration sensors are able to capture gear mesh frequencies, harmonics, sideband frequencies and shaft rotational frequencies.

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