A round bilge with a bilge keel structure is a key element which can alleviate roll motions of ships and floating structures by transferring the roll momentum of a floating body into the kinetic energy of water. This study presents a practical guide to properly designing a bilge radius and bilge keel height of a barge-shaped and tanker-shaped FPSOs. A parametric study to figure out the effect of bilge radius and bilge keel height on the roll damping performance is conducted through a series of numerical roll free decay simulations based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The bilge radius is normalized by the half breadth of ship, and the bilge keel height is normalized by the maximum bilge keel height which is limited by the molded lines of a side shell and bottom shell. In addition, it is investigated to identify how the roll damping performance of a rectangular section differs from the result of a typical round bilge section with maximum available bilge keel height.

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