An integrated optimization model of EEDI and minimum propulsion power has been established in this paper. EEDI optimization needs to meet IMO requirements for minimum propulsion power. Installed power reduction is one of the most effective way to optimize EEDI, but it will make the installed power lower than IMO requirements. From the view of security, it is not allowed. In order to coordinate the contradiction between the reduction of EEDI and the minimum propulsion power of the ship, this paper is devoted to the development of an effective and efficient EEDI optimization method under the minimum propulsion power constraints of the ship. The evaluation method of the objective function EEDI is a digital pattern of hydrodynamics performance for tanker series developed by the China Ship Science Research Center. In order to illustrate the method, the VLCC is selected as the research object, and Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithms II is selected to optimize the EEDI. The calculation results show that energy efficiency has been optimized about 4%, so the EEDI and minimum propulsion power integrated optimization model are reasonable and effective.

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