Three-dimensional effects on slamming loads predictions of a ship section are investigated numerically using the unsteady incompressible Reynolds-Average Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations and volume of fluid (VOF) method, which are implemented in interDyMFoam solver in open-source library OpenFoam. A convergence and uncertainty study is performed considering different resolutions and constant Courant number (CFL) following the ITTC guidelines. The numerical solutions are validated through comparisons of slamming loads and motions between the CFD simulations and the available experimental values. The total slamming force and slamming pressures on a 2D ship section and the 3D model are compared and discussed. Three-dimensional effects on the sectional force and the pressures are quantified both in transverse and longitudinal directions of the body considering various entry velocities. The non-dimensional pressure coefficient distribution on the 3D model is presented.

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