Visualization post-processing has become the primary means of awareness and understanding of CAE data intuitively and vividly. Visual analysis can help designers extract meaningful features and results from the complex data quickly and efficiently through intuitive visual images. Virtual reality (VR) -based simulation system can provide experience for the decision-makers and inexperienced workers. We propose a novel solution for real-time Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculation between wave and hull structure. Firstly, an appropriate CAE system with all the FEA results of the hull is established in a single database. Secondly, based on the Unity 3d platform, effective data transmission technology and three-dimensional virtual models are constructed to achieve an immersive interactive experience. Finally, the third important player is hardware, making the Virtual Reality navigation become possible in many different environments. This paper briefly describes the features of this system. The proposed system employs a distributed simulation framework to realize real-time virtual simulation and human-computer interaction (HCI) of hull structures based on the Finite Element (FE) calculations. In addition, the applicability and the accuracy of the proposed virtual simulation method have also been verified by conducting a case study.

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