Offshore wind is one of the fastest developing renewable energy in the world. With increasing exploratory activities in the polar area, wind energy in the cold climate attracts more and more attention. This paper presents an integrated analysis of the ice-structure interaction of a jacket-type offshore wind turbine (OWT). An aero-hydro-servo-elastic jacket wind turbine is created in FAST, which is a well-known tool for wind turbine simulation. Due to vertically sided jacket legs, crushing ice-structure interaction modes are calculated based on the methodology suggested by ISO 19906. Time-domain calculations are carried out for random crushing, intermittent crushing and lock-in crushing between the bottom fixed wind turbine and moving ice feature. Influential parameters like ice thickness, ice strength, ice moving direction and velocity are all studied in this paper. Results show that the ice load has a significant impact on the structure response. The more ice thickness and ice strength will induce the higher structure response mean level, as well as the oscillation amplitudes in all the investigated crushing modes.

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