There are several analytical wake models in current use which have, over the years, been shown to adequately predict the flow-fields through large wind farms. However, many of these wake models are based on momentum theory, which assumes no frictional drag and a non-rotating wake, the effects of which may not be neglected at non-optimum operating conditions. To address these shortcomings, we are developing an analytical wake model, derived from unsteady, 3D, full-rotor CFD simulations of the flow field behind a single wind turbine for its full range of operating conditions. The proposed model will be validated against site data from the literature, as well as against data predicted using commercial tools. This study is part of the development of a framework for the real-time assessment of the wind farm power generation, together with the wind/wave loads acting on the individual wind turbines and their support structures, within a large offshore wind farm.

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