The research of parametric rolling has encountered many challenging problems due to its nonlinearity. In this paper, an in-house CFD code HUST-Ship based on fully structured overset grids is used for the investigation of KCS parametric rolling, which can overcome the shortcomings of potential flow method. Modeling errors and numerical errors are presented to improve the credibility of CFD simulation. The grid and time step are studied for the quantification of numerical errors. The phenomenon of parametric rolling is successfully captured in the paper and motion responses of KCS have a good agreement with experimental data. The characteristics of motions, forces and moments under parametric rolling are investigated by using fast Fourier transform. The relationship between wave characteristics and motion responses of ship is revealed in this paper. Following, a simulation model with three DOFs’ model (heave-roll-pitch model) is used to investigate the influence of surge motion on parametric rolling. Result shows that the excluding of surge motion has no qualitative influence on the prediction of parametric rolling. In general, the simulation limited to heave-roll-pitch coupling is adequate for its capture.

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