The paper addresses the flow-induced response of a rigid spool/jumper. It mainly focuses on its mechanical response resulting from internal intermittent slug flows but also addresses potential coupling with an external excitation due to vortex shedding. These works provide quantitative experimental data that match quite well with existing empirical correlations in terms of slug flow properties. The repeatability of the measurement system has been experienced and underlines promising capabilities. The tests provide exhaustive complementary data regarding the slug flow properties (e.g. pocket length) which will be reused for numerical modelling purpose. The mechanical response of the spool is exhaustively addressed for different regular slug flows. Some correlations are proposed aiming at describing the mechanical responses. The coupling with an additional external current solicitation and Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV) is discussed and characterized for some conditions. Finally, a discussion on the current Industry Best Practices is introduced in order to challenge the capability of the proposed approaches to described and recover such complex phenomenon. The comparisons underline the weak agreement between experiments and numerical models, opening discussion on the best way to address this physics and the next developments.

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