The numerical analysis of parametric rolling of medium-sized containership has been carried out. Target containership was modeled by using two different numerical models, which are nonlinear numerical model and simplified dynamic mathematical model respectively. The simulations were performed in full-loaded operating condition for regular and irregular waves. For regular waves, the analysis was conducted with a wide range of wave periods including the vicinity of the wave period expected to cause parametric rolling of the target containership. On the other hand, regarding irregular waves, the wave period range that is highly likely to occur according to significant wave height was selected and used as input values of wave spectrum for nonlinear time domain analysis.

The analysis results are summarized as wave height versus wave period diagrams with the occurrences of parametric rolling motions for each speed. And also, time series based on time domain analysis are represented and compared between nonlinear numerical model and simplified dynamic mathematical model. In addition, the sensitivity of key parameters such as vessel speed, wave period, and roll damping to parametric rolling was investigated and estimated under operating condition. Finally, when the parametric rolling occurred, the characteristics of heave, pitch, and roll motions were analyzed. This study could be used as the basic data for determining the operational conditions for safe operation as well as initial design of the medium-sized containership.

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