FPSOs and FSOs have been used on the Norwegian continental shelf for petroleum production, storage and offloading since the 1980’s and have been increasingly common since the end of the 1990’s. During these years a significant amount of experience has been gathered.

On the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) shipowners and operators are obliged to report damages and incidents to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA).

This article gives an overview of reported incidents related to the structural and maritime systems on offshore ship shaped units in the petroleum activity (FPSOs and FSOs) on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Reported incidents are summarised with a focus on the period 2000 to 2019. The incidents include cracks, dents, corrosion, turret incidents, green water, position keeping systems, stability and ballasting, collisions and incidents related to the offloading systems as reported by operators and shipowners to the PSA.

A summary of the reported damages and incidents are discussed with respect to common causes based on available data. The importance and the possible consequences of such incidents are further discussed.

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