In order to preliminary investigate structural response of stiffened panel due to slamming impact, two series of fluid structure coupling analysis is carried out using a new fluid structure interaction (FSI) methodology of Incompressible Fluid Dynamics (ICFD) [1]. ICFD is the method where structure and fluid are modeled as both Lagrange methods.

Firstly, slamming impact of a sphere is analyzed with ICFD and SPH methods respectively and compared with experimental and analytical results. Acceleration, slamming force and pressure are compared and discussed in detail.

Secondary a fixed stiffened flat panel of offshore structure subjected to slamming impact is investigated as a part of the ISSC II.1 benchmark study. Effect of mesh size is investigated. Analysis results are compared with existing ALE method [1] as well as other results within the framework of ISSC II.1 benchmark study.

In both studies, structure is modeled by elastic-plastic and by rigid respectively. By comparing these two results, effect of structural rigidity on the slamming pressure as well as slamming force is investigated.

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