Simulations are conducted in time domain to investigate the dynamic response of a SPAR-type floating offshore wind turbine under the scenarios with freak wave. Towards this end, a coupled aero-hydro numerical model is developed. The methodology includes a blade-element-momentum model for aerodynamics, a nonlinear model for hydrodynamics, a nonlinear restoring model of SPAR buoy, and a nonlinear algorithm for mooring cables. The OC3 Hywind SPAR-type FOWT is chosen as an example to study the dynamic response under the freak conditions, while the time series of freak wave is generated by the Random Frequency Components Selection Phase Modulation Method. The motions of platform, the tensions in the mooring lines and the power generation performance are documented in different cases. According to the simulations, it shows that the power coefficient of wind turbine decreased rapidly at the moment when freak wave acted on the floating structure.

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