This paper uses a coupled FAST-OrcaFlex model in order to explore the impact of simulation duration on model convergence. The work analyses both operational and extreme cases, assessing the estimated fatigue and extreme loads experienced by a floating offshore wind turbine and its mooring system. Considering an OC4 semi-submersible deployed with the NREL 5 MW turbine, the case study performs a parametric sweep over a range of wind speeds, sea states, and simulation durations. Through this sweep, the paper establishes the impact of the simulation duration for this particular floating offshore wind turbine and characterizes the convergence properties of the loads and excursions as a function of the simulation duration. The results inform the selection of simulation durations to be used in coupled aero-hydro models and optimization frameworks for floating offshore wind applications and can be used to aid the development of guidance and standards for coupled floating offshore wind turbine models.

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