Using marine renewable energy can contribute providing the energy instead of using fossil fuel. There are some types of marine renewable energy. Wave energy is one of these and no one doubts its vast potential once they glance the sea. The object of this paper is an array of Point Absorber Wave Energy Converters (PA-WECs). In the array, complex hydrodynamic interactions among the array will occur. The interaction influences the wave power density among the array both increase and decrease. When we consider the maximization of generated electric power of the array, the suitable choice of the control force of the generator taken into a positive effect of the hydrodynamic interactions is the key. In the past research, as for a detection of the suitable control force of a single PA-WEC it has been shown the analytical solution within linear system. In this paper, we show the numerical solution of the control force parameter for maximizing the generated electric power of the array taking the hydrodynamic interaction among the array both in diffraction and radiation problem into account. Then we carried out the numerical examination and discussed the good arrangement of an array in waves based on the proposed method and an effect of the choice of the best and better control force.

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