The understanding of rock characteristic and fluid flow behavior at the near-wellbore region is an important topic. Triaxial experiment setup can help to investigate these properties. In this research, a new triaxial experimental setup has been developed where the higher scale of the parameters such as higher reservoir pressure, and comparatively larger core sample can be used. High permeable synthetic porous samples are prepared to validate the device. The new triaxial experimental setup is validated with water as a base fluid. In the validation test, real samples and synthetic samples are used. First, flow in convergent direction is studied which represents as production at the in-situ condition. Then, the flow in divergent direction is examined that may represent the injection of fluid to enhance the hydrocarbon production. The near-wellbore flow phenomena are studied with real and synthetic samples. The results indicate that using this triaxial setup pressure drop and pressure buildup test can be explained. The new scientific setup is able to reduce the scale-up gap between laboratory data and field data to get actual reservoir flow phenomena.

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