Self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) are special vehicles designed for transporting massive objects. It is becoming popular to transport offshore structure modules onboard using SPMTs in recent years. The operation is a high-risk task which needs to be carefully planned. This paper aimed at developing a load-out simulation program that can be utilized to improve the existing planning method. To achieve this goal, the risks in load-outs were addressed, and an analysis procedure was established based on the principle of SPMT hydraulic system and ship hydrostatics. We built the simulation program on the basis of the analysis procedure. It enables users to practice load-out operations in a virtual environment. By using the program, engineers can obtain an overview of the load-out process and a clear knowledge of the risks that will arise. The load-out plan can be made, verified, and optimized beforehand, which is quite beneficial to minimize the risks and get well prepared for the operation.

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