The taut mooring system is widely used for some advantages, such as smaller mooring radius, lighter total weight and better anti-corrosion performance. In this paper, the taut mooring system of a Truss Spar platform which was taken as the research object was investigated under the condition of 2000 m water depth in South China Sea. Firstly, the main body of the platform was analyzed in frequency domain based on the 3-d potential theory, and then the nonlinear solutions of platform displacement and mooring line force were obtained by using coupling analysis method in time domain, which determined the preliminary design parameters of mooring system. The sensitivity of the taut system is studied by changing several design parameters such as the top angle of mooring line, cable hole position and method of mooring disposal. In summary, the variation of the motion and dynamic response of the platform and mooring system has been explored and summarized by studying the design process and influential parameter of dynamic characteristics of mooring system and optimizing ideas of relevant parameters, which can further provide technical support and engineering reference for the design and application of the taut mooring system of deepwater Truss Spar platforms.

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