Model tests have been performed to examine the overtrawlability of Subsea7’s Subsea Production Unit (SPU) in SINTEF Ocean’s Ocean Laboratory in November/December 2017. In this test campaign, 50 tests with different SPU orientations and trawling equipment were carried out. Two trawling water depth (100 m and 500 m) were simulated in the model test. Two types of trawl door, i.e. Thyborøn (5.5t) and Poly Ice (3.8t), with Selstad No. 620 type fishing net were used in present test. Overtrawling with a roller clump (7.6t) was also tested. Two trawling speeds of 1.6 m/s and 2.6 m/s and 5 SPU orientations were examined. Force measurements both on the fishing lines, and directly measured on the SPU were used to determine overtrawlability of the SPU. The dynamometer used in present test to measure the forces directly on the SPU is the first time that this type of measurement has been undertaken at SINTEF Ocean at the Ocean Basin facility with fully modelled trawling gear.

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