In this paper, we conducted a three-dimensional investigation of flow past a cylinder undergoing forced oscillation. The flow configuration is similar to the work of Blackburn & Henderson (1999) [1], in which Reynolds number equals to 500 and a fixed motion amplitude of A/D = 0.25. The oscillation frequencies are varied in the range near to the natural shedding frequency of a stationary cylinder. The flow dynamics are governed by Navier-Stokes equations and the solutions are obtained by employing high-order spectral/hp element method. It is found that the flow dynamics are significantly distinguished from the study of two-dimensional flow by Blackburn & Henderson (1999) [1]. The values of hydrodynamic forces are smaller compared to that in the two-dimensional study. However, lock-in boundary we identified is broader. In addition, a different type of hysteresis loop of energy transfer coefficient is obtained.

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