Technically, in deep water, the most challenging task is the end-fitting design of pipes. This connector has two main functions: It ensures sealing of the pipe fluid and transfers the loads from the pipe to the connecting system unit. High pressure and harsh environment condition raise the pressure on the connector; therefore, this pressure should be endured by a segment which is the carcass. Carcass holder and installation rings are components of the connectors in termination of the carcass layer. This paper assesses the role of the carcass in a sealing system of riser connectors. The sealing method is based on dividing the termination of risers into two devices; inner liner that is the mechanical restraint on the polymer barrier, and the seal system that is applied to seal the fluid of riser. This seal system includes many ring joint gaskets separated by metallic rings, and they should be placed on the carcass.

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