BS 7910 “Guide to Methods for Assessing the Acceptability of Flaws in Metallic Structures” [1] is undergoing revision for the next edition. Updates are proposed for the Annex E flaw recharacterization guidance. The changes aim to make Annex E more applicable to real structures and to improve the synergy between the subcritical crack growth such as by fatigue and fracture of an embedded flaw. Several studies were done by WEE/37 fracture panel focusing on brittle and ductile material behaviour to support the proposed changes. These studies are summarised in the paper.

The main modifications in the proposed updated Ann ex E are in:

• Removal of use of Annex E for brittle fracture.

• Updated guidance on recharacterized surface flaw length for ductile fracture.

• Optional guidance on use of geometry-based criterion for embedded flaw break-through under ductile conditions.

• Alignment of fatigue crack growth in Section 8 with the flaw break-through in Annex E.

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