As a subproject in the framework of the DFG Research Training Group “Graduiertenkolleg 2075 - Modelling the constitutive evolution of building materials and structures with respect to aging” (GRK 2075), the fatigue behavior of rolled-after heat-treatment and hot-dipped galvanized HT-bolts is examined. Results of fatigue tests of M48x255 10.9 and M36x235 10.9 HT-bolts from different states of manufacturing processes (rolled-after heat-treatment, rolled-after heat-treatment and hot-dip galvanized) will be presented and discussed. If rolled-after heat-treatment HT-bolts are hot-dip galvanized, the fatigue life is significantly reduced. However, it is beyond the fatigue life of rolled-before heat-treatment HT-bolts and hot-dip galvanized HT-bolts.

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