The vast spatial scale of offshore structures causes wave loading to be correlated amongst nearby structural members. Certain engineering activities including health monitoring, maintenance, and preliminary design of offshore structures requires the prediction of wave forces on said structural members. The high cost and low availability of environmental wave measurements requires the reconstruction of wave kinematics and force profiles to accurately capture the forcing history on offshore structures. A method for predicting wave forces on a cylinder from nearby wave elevation measurements is proposed. The formulation utilizes the Fast Fourier Transform to calculate wave kinematics propagation in the frequency domain and applies the kinematics to the Morison equation for calculation of cylinder forces. The prediction equations are applied to three types of waves: regular periodic waves, random irregular waves, and solitary breaking waves, and the error in both elevation prediction and force prediction when compared to measured values is calculated. The force prediction equations were shown to perform best for small wave heights, with errors as low as 5% in the force predictions for small regular and irregular waves. The error in force prediction increases nonlinearly with the increase in wave height due to the deficiencies of the linear dispersion relationship used in the formulation.

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