A numerical simulation of the hydrodynamic interaction and attitude of a ship and two ships of different sizes navigating in parallel in waves were carried out in this paper. The study of the two ships navigating in parallel is of great significance in marine replenishment. This paper used in house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code to solve unsteady RANS equation coupled with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) solid body motion equations. URANS equations are solved by finite difference method and PISO algorithm. Structured grid with overset technology have been used to make computations. Turbulence models used the Shear Stress Transport (SST) k-ω model. The method used for free surface simulation is single phase level set. In this paper, two DTMB 5415 with different scales are selected for simulation analysis. This paper analyzed the impact of the big ship on the small ship when the two ships were navigating in parallel. This paper also analyzed the relationship between interaction and velocity between hulls, which has certain guiding significance for the ship’s encounter on the sea.

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